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Anne Ahau, docente shamanic Kundalini Yoga bij National High Yoga



I am Anne Ahau.

Kundalini yoga has transformed me from a talented dreamer into a contained maker.

I discovered the yoga after having a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening. The yoga helped me immensely to stabilize the energies and discover how to create a new way of living, both inside and out. The daily practice gave me structure, boundaries, and centeredness.

I am now an experienced level 1 & 2 Kundalini teacher next to being an artist.

I like to channel with the yoga. I connect to the Elementals- the Dragons. They are my guides. The name ‘Shamanic Kundalini Yoga’ honors this bond. My mission in life is to help increase inner freedom in others. In my classes I focus in general on reducing stress and anxiety to bring upliftment and empowerment. Joy, harmony and depth form the undercurrent of the sessions.

I really love being a Kundalini yoga teacher and sharing my love for this technique with others. Feel free to join me on this special trip!

Anne Ahau

Shamanic Kundalini Yoga

What can you expect?

We start with a short introduction about the theme and purpose of the session. The theme has to do with the moon and other celestial bodies. We then usually move on to a short breathing meditation to calm down, followed by a moment of silence to identify our intentions for the day within ourselves. Now we enter the physical flow: we weave our focus, rhythm and breathing into the theme and flow of the moment. Action and music are followed by stillness and silence to provide space for reflection and integration. We build up energy. From below we go up and send the potential to the higher energy centers. With the closing meditation we use the collected energy to nourish the intentions of the session and yourself.


You're welcome!

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