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Barbara Schoevers, docente Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Barbara Schoevers profiel


I'm Barbara. I started yoga as a teenager in 1974 and discovered how good it made me feel. I continued taking weekly classes and practising different styles. I never thought I would ever teach myself because I am not very limber. But when I discovered Vinyasa Yoga in 2009 and yoga schools came up where you could take classes several times a week, I started practising intensively. My life changed; having struggled with it at times and suffered two burnouts, I now felt calm inside.
Teacher Training came my way and I felt I had to do it. I was growing and becoming more myself and wanted everyone to experience that freedom. Teaching yoga allowed me to share it. It is incredibly beautiful to see that you can help people on their way to their inner core, which is divine and beautiful.

Barbara Schoevers

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

What can you expect?

In my classes, I always do some Pranayama (control of breathing and life energy). Vinyasa Yoga evolved from Hatha Yoga. In Vinyasa Flow Yoga, you move a lot from one posture to another. That can be quite intense, but I always bring calm into the class as well, I think it's very important that you can turn inward. And find the right balance between challenging yourself and relaxing. The lessons are suitable for beginners and advanced students.

Barbara Schoevers yoga stretch
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