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vr 10 nov



Adygzhy, The Tuva Shaman

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Adygzhy, The Tuva Shaman
Adygzhy, The Tuva Shaman

Tijd en locatie

10 nov 2023, 19:30 – 22:30

Amsterdam, De Wittenstraat 100, 1052 BA Amsterdam, Nederland

Over het evenement

An evening of indigenous knowledge with Siberian shaman Adygzhy Oyun. Contribution: 25 euro Ticket link

Experience ancient wisdom through ceremony, music and communication. This communal event is meant to celebrate and get united by our love for Mother Earth.

On the program there will be a talk with Adygzhy about Tuvan culture and his work. He will perform a blessing and healing ceremony.

To make this a real celebration we invited the grassroots stars of overtone singing in NL. Khöömei is a distinctive way of playing the voice, typical for nomadic horse-cultures in Central Asia and Siberia. Khöomei singers usually participate at shamanistic rituals.

Frodi Fransman from Amsterdam sings various styles of Tuvan khoomei. He is a winner of the international khöömei competition in 2020 in sygyt style.

Rowan Lee Hartsuiker is a singer of Mongolian khoomei and player on morin-khuur, a horse head fiddle. He lives with his family in a Mongolian yurt in Groningen.

Hidde Meenhorst is from Arnhem. He sings various khöömei techniques and builds his own instruments.

About Adygzhy Oyun

Hereditary shaman Adygzhy Oyun was born in Samagaltai on the Tuvan-Mongolian border. Tuva is a nomadic country in South Siberia, where shamanistic tradition is still very much alive.The place has abundant (super)natural powers. Adygzhy received his shamanic call for duty after his sister Ai-Churek, a powerful lady-shaman, left this world 13 years ago. He joined the Bear Spirit shamanic center in Kyzyl and became a family shaman for a number of Tuvan families. Rumors of his spiritual powers quickly have spread far beyond Tuva. He received frequent request from shamanic clubs and private persons in Russia and Europe for guest healing sessions. At some time Adygzhy conducted a blessing ritual for the Hungarian Crown at the Parliament building in Budapest. A Hungarian ethnographer, singer, filmmaker Kanalas Éva has spent ten years to create a documentary film about Adygzhy and his work. Adygzhy is known as the Fire Eater. He has an intimate relation with the element of fire, which allows him to literally feed on it. His animal-sharp sense of smell comes from one of his spirit helpers, the wolverine. Wolverine skin hangs on the back of his shaman’s costume. Adygzhy is a shaman from archaic tradition. Time stops in his presence. He is a taciturn and calm man, who observes and listens, who sees things hidden to most people, who is only allowed to intervene if there is a question asked.

Trailer of the docu about Adygzhy:

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