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Awaken your Kundalini energy

We're not about profit, we want to share passion and experiences. That's why our lessons are affordable for everyone. 

Experience your Natural High with yoga

Kundalini energy is our greatest source of creativity and awareness and works through every aspect of your life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As this electrical soul energy awakens, your consciousness opens and puts you in touch with your unique talents and ability to realize yourself. No matter what level you are, you are always welcome on your journey to balance, awareness and discovering your natural high. You are welcome!

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Focus on various types of Kundalini Yoga

Unique approach & location (original and authentic)

High quality, accessible prices

Positive vibe: everyone is welcome

Experienced teachers

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Discover our classes

Kundalini yoga is our focus, in multiple forms. You can also follow Vinyasa Flow yoga at Natural High Yoga. 

Kundalini Yoga

focuses on activating and letting the latent power of the nervous system flow. Dynamic physical exercises are used, combined with different breathing techniques. 

Shamanic Kundalini

Kundalini Yoga in the rhythm of the moon, with a ceremonial touch and an elemental base.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

is a combination of a flow of certain postures on the movement of breathing.

Vınyasa Flow yoga les

Feel free

We want you to feel free with us. That is why we do not have a contract, but you can opt for a monthly membership or pay per lesson. You can just pay at the door. Like the old days. We do not make reservations. But don't worry, you will certainly have a place in our large studio. 

1 month



cheapest choice;
you can come as often as you want. 

10 lessen kaart half jaar geldig

10x card

Valid for 6 months


1 month

10x card


per lesson

€ 9.50

(With City Pass € 8.50)

You are very welcome to come and taste the atmosphere for free!

Sign up atthis link for your trial lesson. 

Nice to meet you!

Our team is ready to guide you on your yoga journey. At Natural High Yoga you always practice with teachers who are not only very knowledgeable, but also full of passion for yoga. And you will notice that.

Each class is completely different due to the large amount of exercises and meditations. Moreover, each teacher has his own form and energy. This way you can choose what suits you best.Our teachers tell you what you can expect from their classes.

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How yoga can change your life

Helps you sleep better

Reduces nervousness and depression

Reduces stress levels

Improves attention and concentration

karakteristieke elementen in de studio van National High Yoga Amsterdam



Nice and knowledgeable teacher with a nice voice. Attractive building. No hip conditions, wonderful.


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