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Monique de Haan, docente Kundalini Yoga bij National High Yoga


my name is Monique.

Kundalini Yoga is like a good friend to me that I can always fall back on for rest, energy or inspiration. In 2009 I was touched by this form of yoga, by the powerful effect of the exercises, pranayama and chanting. Awareness and growth through experience is the powerful motivation with which I stand in life. This gives me space on every level, allowing the creative energy to flow more and more. After years of intensive practice on the mat, it is now more integrated into my system and life. I mix Kundalini with a Buddhist 'non-judgment' practice that I apply for energetically cleaning spaces.

Monique Haan

Kundalini Yoga

What can you expect?

My lessons unfold intuitively, during my morning, on my way to class and during class, depending on the group and the moment. I often approach the lesson as a metaphor for everyday life: how do you relate to difficult exercises, to setbacks and frustration, respectively? I try to motivate you to develop an open and curious attitude towards whatever presents itself in the moment, physical, mental-emotional or otherwise and to accept this as much as possible. The result is a space where joy, (self) confidence and creativity manifest themselves more and more. The form is a classic Kundalini build-up with tuning in, pranayama and physical set, followed by deep relaxation and meditation. The intensity varies, but an open attitude is the most important.


I'd love to see you in my class!

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