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Wessel Wallert, docent Kundalini Yoga bij National High Yoga


Wessel Wallert profiel

I am Wessel Wallert. Kundalini Yoga came on my path from my deep desire to be freer and more spontaneous in life. When I was in my late twenties, I experienced a lot of physical and mental tension. I was not comfortable in my own skin and started looking for something that could help me in this. When I came into contact with Kundalini Yoga, I immediately felt that this was the right form & approach for me.
The physical exercises, meditations and beautiful mantras touched me deeply and put me in touch with myself. It was coming home to myself in a place of harmony and deep relaxation.

Wessel Wallert

Kundalini Yoga

What can you expect?

In my sessions, I will bring everyone deeply in connection with themselves. We release tensions and open the space within ourselves so we get back in touch with our essence. The part in ourselves that is complete and fully authentic. The part that carries all wisdom and is connected to our pure authentic desires. From here we can respond more and more to that which wants to be lived from our original selves. 
We work with dynamic & powerful exercises, meditations, mantras and breathing techniques. The classes are open to everyone.

Wessel Wallert stretch
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