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About us 

How nice that you are interested in Natural High Yoga!

We are a yoga school, but just a little different. In 2009 I thought that something that is so good for body, mind and soul should be accessible to everyone and therefore very affordable. Making money is not our goal. We want to make sure that yoga is truly 'for all'. That's why we're in a former squat and if there's money left, a lesson will be added immediately. 

The building is ideal to let your creative life energy flow. Nothing here is polished, brand new or clean. The property is authentic, like life itself. In addition, in the summer, weather permitting, we also teach at our outdoor location in the Westerpark

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning unity. And that is also my mission: to allow non-dualism or unity consciousness to gain a foothold in our polarized society."

Eduard (owner NHY)

Mediterende vrouw


Kundalini is Sanskrit for "coiled one". According to ancient scriptures, Kundalini energy, also called life energy, lies dormant like a coiled serpent at the base of our spine. When the energy awakens, it rises through the chakras up to the crown.


Because it goes through all chakras, Kundalini energy ensures that you gradually work through accumulated blockages. This is accompanied by insights and healing on every level. Subsequently, this energy should also go down again. This downward movement is at least as important as it provides hold. In the lessons we ensure that this energy circulates.

beeldmerk National High Yoga
“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.”

Yogi Bhajan

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