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Dharamraj Kaur, docente Kundalini Yoga


Dharamraj Kaur profiel

My first spiritual experience was triggered by a very severe depression, 24 years ago. It totally changed my life and I was looking for words to share this experience with others. My search then began and Kundalini yoga came my way. In yoga, I immediately had a repeat of that first spiritual experience and everything fell into place. It finally allowed me to share my experience with others. In my classes, I help people reconnect with their heart and their true Self.

Dharamraj Kaur

Kundalini Yoga

What can you expect?

I teach my classes mostly in silence, they are sometimes dynamic with dancing and other times very meditative and soft. After the class you feel deep silence, you come back to who you really are and reconnect with universal Love.  
You are welcome in my class!

Dharamraj Kaur yoga
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