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"I started yoga in 2016 because I wanted to be "fit and supple." Do you recognize that? I never could have imagined then what an impressive journey inward begins with making that choice. I discovered how many obstacles I carry with me, every day. Beliefs about myself, and others around me. Expectations, pain that was never allowed to be felt and clinging to that should be let go. It is not always easy, but yoga gives me insight into my own obstacles. Yoga also gives me the practice to deal with them! First on the mat, and then carefully in daily live. And man oh man, how good it feels when I manage to let go a little bit more. Yoga has deepened my capacity to feel, to experience life down to my toes.

Now, after years of my own practice, to be able to share this with others, is a true gift".

Amber van de Klippe

Vinyasa Flow

What can you expect?

The stronger the flow, the brighter the glow! So we will be moving nicely through the postures, feeling the flow during class and then taking it with us into the day. We will do this to the rhythm of our breathing. By focusing on our breath, instead of going outside (which is what we do most of the day) we bring our attention in. Yoga is not about touching your toes, but what you encounter on your way down.
I like to combine all four paths of yoga. Of course Hatha yoga, the physical. Together each class we will move through twists, forward bends, back bends and balance exercises. But Bhakti, the yoga of the heart, is also an important part of my own practice. So we open each class with chanting together. Chanting? No! Because when I think of chanting I think of hitting beautiful notes. Chanting is about singing from your heart. About letting your voice take up space, even if it's not "perfect." Jnana yoga, the intellectual path, comes back to sharing yoga philosophy.
All great words this, but perhaps the most important thing is: let's do it together. And so that is the fourth path: Karma Yoga, the path of action. See you soon on the mat!


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