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Maaike Aker, docente Kundalini Yoga bij National High Yoga


Maaike Aker profiel

My name is Maaike, nice to meet with you! 

It was in Bali 2010 that I fell deeply in love with Kundalini Yoga. It was like a fire ignited inside me and from that moment on my life changed from the inside out. Yoga meditation & self-discovery brought me back to my true nature, to a place of love, trust and serenity. The path of honest Self-discovery is not always an "easy" journey. It is deep, honest, healing and transformative. A journey I deeply cherish. A journey full of growth and flourishing. My life has become simpler, but at the same time so much more enriched.

The path of yoga & self-discovery has changed my life from the inside out, and it still does. My own transformation allows me to lovingly guide others on their journey. I share my passion for uplifting and transformative Kundalini journeys with anyone who feels the pull to go deeper within. The pull to come home to the heart.

Maaike Aker

 Kundalini Yoga

What can you expect?

In the sessions I offer, I combine strength with gentleness, offering you a safe haven to dive deep within. Always connected to the present moment, we tune into what is needed in your journey on the mat. I work intuitively where we tap into a specific theme each week. We move, we meditate, we dance. We breathe, we heal, we open. You feel refreshed, rejuvenated and full of inspiration. 
Do you feel the call? Then sign up for one of the classes! I look forward to welcoming you. All you need to bring is a curious heart and the openness within to experience what Kundalini has to offer for you. You will surely make your most beautiful journey. 

Maaike Aker yoga

"Kundalini Yoga is deeply healing and transformative. Always different, inviting you to reach and unlock your inner gifts. Kundalini shows you where you are in each specific moment and invites you to ignite your inner power, love and wisdom. You have everything within you to open to who you are. Everything is within you". Maaike.

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